Metal Fabrication & Welding

Welding sections onto pipe or tube? Bendcraft Products have made this difficult chore easy, accurate and economical!

A ‘linished’ notch or scallop is the most accurate method of welding solid or tubular profiles onto rounded surfaces and provides a finished edge that can normally be tig welded without using filler material. This ensures a product that is both strong and aesthetically superior to any other method of joining tube and pipe.

Many solid and hollow profiles can be notched at various diameters and angles to suit your requirements and take the hassle out of your tubular fabrication projects. Due to the speed of this operation, we are able to provide a very cost-effective service whether it be a one-off job or a large production run of componentry.

Fabrication Services

Bendcraft Products provide in-house metal fabrication services to support our rolling and bending processes and to help bring your product closer to completion.

We offer:

  • Welding of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum,
  • Burr-free automatic metal cutting up to 100mm sections,
  • Pressing,
  • Drilling,

Pipe & Tube Linishing

Bendcraft offer the unique in-house service of centreless linishing of pipe and tube.

We are able to grind or buff round metal profiles from 10mm to 100mm diameter from a very course 60 grit finish up to a very fine 1200 grit satin shine. A special feature of this machine is that we can linish most components after they are bent, providing a final touch to a quality precision bent product!

A few of the numerous applications for notching & linishing

  • Vehicle components eg: bullbars, headbows, rollbars etc,
  • Stainless steel handrails and signs,
  • Balustrades and cafe barriers,
  • Interior and exterior tubular furniture.
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